Robert Mahaffie

A California-based filmmaker, designer and aerial cinematographer with a passion for meaningful and empathetic storytelling through the visual medium.

Robert is originally from Washington, D.C. but was drawn to Colorado and then to California because of a love of the outdoors and the Western landscape.  His first film was stop-motion made with Lego, his cat and a train set.  He has worked extensively in both theater production and filmmaking for the last 10 years and majored in Film & Media Studies at Colorado College with a minor in Performance Design.

Robert is an accomplished filmmaker whose films have appeared and won awards at multiple film festivals including the Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, the ACM Film Festival and the Colorado College Film Festival.  He is also a successful designer, winning Colorado College's Innovation in Performance Design award for his work in department, student and community theater during his time in college.  

Robert owns and operates Bobcat Creative LLC, to create promotional media content for local businesses and non-profits.  You can find out more about Bobcat Creative here.

Robert has an unprecedented love for bagels, carpentry, the outdoors, classic rock, his cat and his bicycle.  

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