Live Performance Recordings

At Bobcat Creative LLC we have extensive background in theater and live performance as well as filmmaking which helps us capture your live shows simply and accurately. We work with event organizers to determine the most important moments and position ourselves to capture high quality footage and sound.

Live recordings of performances such as theatre, dance and concerts are featured here:

metadata: Live — A site-specific album kick-off performance for metadata by Wes Braver. metadata examines the month-long purgatory in Moscow’s airport endured by Edward Snowden, a NSA analyst who leaked classified US documents to journalists.

DanSix — A dance concert choreographed by professors and instructors of Colorado College’s Theatre and Dance Department in 2017.

Yellow Face — Written by David Henry Hwang, directed by Idris Goodwin and performed at Colorado College in 2017.

Dead Man’s Cellphone — Written by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Thomas Lindblade and performed at Colorado College in 2016.

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