Film Projects

July Rising

Produced, Production Design and Aerial Cinematography by Robert Mahaffie

Expected release: Spring 2020

An orphaned teenager defies her guardian and upends tradition by farming the orchard she inherits.

Written and Directed by Chauncey Crail, Starring Alexa Yeames and Hanna Putnam

Learn more at July Rising’s website.

Black Flag

Produced and Production Design by Robert Mahaffie

Expected release: Spring 2020

Deja, a black student from Detroit, and Sydney, a white girl from Georgia, are excited to start their freshman year together, that is, until Sydney decides to decorate their room with a little piece of ‘Southern pride.’

Written and Directed by Sophia Capp, Starring Tia Phillips and Lili Whittier

Learn more at Black Flag’s website


Produced and Production Design by Robert Mahaffie

A young woman wakes up depressed on her birthday, dissatisfied with her life. When she escapes to the ocean, she has an encounter with an older woman that sparks an unexpected sense of hope for the future.

Written and Starring Isabella Egizi, Directed by Lucy Houlihan

Learn more and watch the film at Shoreline’s website

Black Forest

Written, Directed, and Edited by Robert Mahaffie

After her family rescues a mysterious man while crossing the Oregon Trail, a young pioneer woman must face the brutality of the West to escape with her life.

Starring Isabella Egizi, James Dinneen, Will Rudolph and Bob Olson

On Track

Produced, Filmed and Edited by Robert Mahaffie

Made as part of the Colorado Documentary Project, On Track tells the story of a local streetcar museum that aims to bring rail-based public transportation back to the downtown streets of Colorado Springs.

Screened at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival and at the 2016 ACM Film Festival. Aired on Rocky Mountain PBS in 2016.


Produced and Cinematography by Robert Mahaffie

A documentary about the first female world champion bullrider and her challenges as a woman in the world of rodeo.

Directed and Edited by Jillian Banner

Screening at Athena Film Festival 2018.


Production Design and Produced by Robert Mahaffie

Two introverts experience love at first sight but lack the courage to speak to one another.

Over 1 million views on Youtube

Written and Directed by Chance Crail, Starring Alec Sarche, Holly Pretsky, Kaley Wheless and Wake Smith


Written, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Robert Mahaffie and Isabella Egizi

A lonely astronaut’s mission goes awry when danger strikes.

Starring Shawnan Banus, Voices by Eddie Hayward, Isabella Egizi and Robert Mahaffie

In memory of Shawnan Banus, 1992-2015


Produced and Assistant Directed by Robert Mahaffie

As a birthday card travels around her ex-girlfriend’s surprise party, Emma must decide the perfect note to write before everyone yells surprise. A one-shot film.

Directed by Corrina Leatherwood, Starring Isabella Egizi

Blue Moon Murder

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Robert Mahaffie

A film noir detective helps a young woman deal with her ex-lover.

Starring Will Rudolph, Sylvie Scowcroft, and Dustin Ordway