Design Projects

Brash Boys Club

Production design and set construction by Robert Mahaffie

Stand up comedy show featuring three gay comedians from across the U.S. Watch on Amazon.

Directed by Quentin Lee

July Rising

Production Design by Robert Mahaffie

An orphaned teenager defies her guardian and upends tradition by farming the orchard she inherits.

Written and Directed by Chauncey Crail, Starring Alexa Yeames and Hanna Putnam

Watch the film on Amazon. Learn more at July Rising’s website.


Designed and built by Robert Mahaffie

The story of an ace fighter pilot reassigned to operate military drones from a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas, she hunts terrorists by day and returns to her family each night.

Directed by Andrew Manley

Starring Isabella Egizi


Lighting and media design by Robert Mahaffie

A site-specific performance in an abandoned newspaper factory, PrePress remembers the heyday of the newspaper industry and revivifies a time when pressmen and reporters were essential to our knowledge of current events.

Directed by Janet Johnson and Shawn Womack

Performed by Ormao Dance Company

Black Flag

Production Design by Robert Mahaffie

Deja, a black student from Detroit, and Sydney, a white girl from Georgia, are excited to start their freshman year together, that is, until Sydney decides to decorate their room with a little piece of ‘Southern pride.’

Written and Directed by Sophia Capp, Starring Tia Phillips and Lili Whittier

Learn more and watch the film on Black Flag’s website

Funny Runs

Replica bench designed and built by Robert Mahaffie

A grandfather and his granddaughter sit on a park bench and observe the ‘funny runners’ as they jog by. Film takes place entirely on park bench, replica bench had to match real benches throughout park.

Watch the film on Rudehorse Production’s website.

Written and directed by Jordan Williams

The Johnson’s Living Room

Escape Room designed and built by Robert Mahaffie and Lucy Houlihan

An escape room: a type of interactive experience in which players must solve a series of puzzles and clues to ‘escape’ a room and win.

After hitting their baseball through the Johnson’s Living Room window, a group of kids (the players) must break in to retrieve it. But while inside, the kids discover a dark secret and must solve a series of puzzles to save the world.

All puzzles and clues devised by Robert Mahaffie and Lucy Houlihan

Video and Graphics by Corrina Leatherwood

Verbal Vaudeville

Lighting design by Robert Mahaffie

Collection of short scenes, spoken word, slam poetry and rap.

Directed by Idris Goodwin



Set designed and built by Robert Mahaffie

A playwright and a producer clash over rewrites of their Broadway production as the show evolves around them.

Written and directed by Andrea More and Wesley Brandt

Lighting Design by Laura Berry

Costume Design by Mari Gades


Lighting design by Robert Mahaffie

Directing, cinematography, and editing by Patrizia Herminjard

Echoes of a Baghdad airstrike haunt a young man.
Original music by Wesley Brandt.
Official Selection at Sans Soucci Film Festival 2015, Boulder, Colorado


Mobile installation of five shopping carts.

Designed and built by Robert Mahaffie